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February 02, 2015

James Jagger


BA in Geology, Case Western Reserve University

Completed Professional Home and Building Inspection course of study at John Carroll University (Real Estate Division) Cleveland, OH

Extensive work in seminars, professional conferences, trade school classes, correspondence school courses, continuing education programs, etc.

Extensive "hands on" training having personally worked in remodeling and new construction for over 20 years

Professional Credentials

Full member AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HOME INSPECTORS® - Certification #004590 issued July 1, 1989. Continuously maintained ASHI® certification via minimum 30 hours per year of continuing professional education (CEs).

Chairman of Ethics and Professional Practices Committee ASHI® '95 and '96

Charter member Ohio Chapter of American Society of Home Inspectors® (OC-ASHI®)

OC-ASHI® Representative to ASHI® National 1995 and 1996.

President of Ohio Chapter of ASHI® 1997 and 1998

OC-ASHI® Chairman of Board of Directors 1999

Approved by Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as fully qualified to perform any home inspections required by VA, or requested by home buying veterans. Feb. 1991

Received certification to perform HUD-FHA inspections Feb. 1988

Trained as a Phase I Environmental Risk Auditor in 1990

Appointed to Panel of Construction Arbitrators of American Arbitration Association (AAA) in 1992. Currently serve on the Roster of Neutrals and hear both residential and commercial construction disputes.

Admitted as an Associate of American Bar Association, Section of Dispute Resolution, January, 1995

Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Fort Lauderdale FL in 2006
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Anaheim FL in 2007
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Orlando FL in 2009
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Atlanta in 2011
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Phoenix AZ in 2012
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Nashville TN in 2014
Attended the ASHI® National Conference, Philadelphia PA in 2015

Worked closely with Jack H. Rubens, Associate Professor of Finance, Bryant College, Smithfield Rhode Island in preparation of definitive study Toward Standardization of Private Home Inspection in Ohio and was so acknowledged by Dr. Rubens. "The author (Rubens) also acknowledges the assistance of members of the home inspection industry within OH and of the national professional organizations. Particular thanks to Jim Jagger of Buckeye Home Inspections in Cleveland OH, for the wealth of information provided to the author over the course of this research."

Designated as a Field Representative of Home Innovations Research Labs (previously the National Association Of Home Builders Research Center (NAHBRC). Home Innovations Research Labs is a not-for-profit independent testing organization. Home Innovations Research Labs provides a labeling, listing, and follow-up service for testing home building products against nationally recognized performance standards

Professional Employment Experience

1968 thru 1972—In the restaurant business in Cleveland and Cleveland Heights Ohio

1972 thru 1987—Engaged full time in the operations of Jagger Enterprises, Inc. as a construction contracting and subcontracting firm. Projects ranged from minor home repairs through extensive restorations and renovation of fine homes in North Eastern Ohio.

1977 thru 1987—Performed commercial and residential inspections on a part time basis. Other projects included contract supervision of field operations for a "high-end" kitchen and bath design-build firm (Rossiter Group), and contract supervision of commercial construction and renovation projects at Severence Shopping Center, Westgate, Randall Park Mall, as well as numerous other locations.

1987—Ceased contract supervision work and began doing commercial and residential inspections/consultations on a full time basis. Since then, have conducted an average of more than 550 inspections/consultations per year.

1992—Served as primary construction consultant and monitor of a new residential construction project in the City of Cleveland. Project completed December, 1992.

1996—Designed and presented a training session entitled "Inspecting Residential Concrete." This presentation was given at seminar cosponsored by the Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors® and Cuyahoga Community College. Course accepted for continuing education credits from American Society of Home Inspectors®.

2003—Lectured at CWRU Law School

2003—Served as construction consultant for production of three (3) Trading Spaces® episodes on The Learning Channel®

2005—Panelist at major Builder/Realtor® educational event presented by HBA® and CABOR®

2011—Chairman of the North Central Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors® Public Relations Committee

I do not do construction or renovation work on projects or properties other than my own. I do not make referrals to contractors.
I have done numerous investigation and inspections for banks, bank trust departments, mortgage lenders, and real estate companies.

Expert Testimony, Negotiations, Arbitration, & Mediation Experience

I do reports and inspections as requested for a numerous attorneys and law firms.

I annually average more than 60 reports and/or inspections for actual or potential arbitration, negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

In 2008, I testified before the State of Ohio House of Representatives Commerce & Labor Committee regarding licensing of professional home inspectors in Ohio.

I am available for, and have served as, an expert witness for arbitration and litigation.

Areas of Expertise

1) Residential and light commercial construction

2) Pre-purchase, general inspection of existing structures

3) Building science and systems evaluations

4) Construction monitoring and repair cost estimations

I am able to speak and write about technical subjects in such a manner that lay persons are able to easily understand technical concepts. My skills are useful in negotiations and dispute resolutions.

This document prepared and respectfully submitted by,

Jim Jagger

(216) 486-4663